MK-677 (Ibutamoren Mesylate) 30mL 50mg/mL


MK-677 for sale is available in 30mL liquid form.

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MK-677 for sale is available in 30mL liquid form.

About MK 677: Ghrelin is an endogenous ligand for the growth hormone (GH) secretagogue receptor (GHSR).1 Ibutamoren is an orally-active, non-peptidic agonist of GHSR (Kd = 0.4 nM) and, as a result, is a GH secretagogue.2,3 It elevates GH in dogs after oral doses as low as 0.125 mg/kg, without significantly changing plasma levels of aldosterone, luteinizing hormone, thyroxine, or prolactin.4

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References & Product Citations

Product Description References

1. Kojima, M., Hosoda, H., Date, Y., et al. Ghrelin is a growth-hormone-releasing acylated peptide from stomach. Nature 402(6762), 656-660 (1999).

2. Howard, A.D., Feighner, S.D., Cully, D.F., et al. A receptor in pituitary and hypothalamus that functions in growth hormone release. Science 273(5277), 974-977 (1996).

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Concentration: 50mg per mL, 1500mg/30mL total

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ApplicationA potent, non-peptide ghrelin receptor agonist
Molar Mass528.662 g/mol
 Chemical FormulaC27H36N4O5S
Chemical Name2-amino-2-methyl-N-[(2R)-1-(1-methylsulfonylspiro[2H-indole-3,4′-piperidine]-1′-yl)-1-oxo-3-phenylmethoxypropan-2-yl]propanamide;methanesulfonic acid
SynonymsIbutamoren, MK-677, MK-0677, L-163,191, L163191, Nutrobal
StorageMinimize open-air exposure, store in a cool dry place
SolubilityWater, Ethanol
Organoleptic ProfileYellow-Tan liquid, acrid odor
Physical FormIbutamoren Mesylate salt solved in PG, Ethanol (0.5%)
Safety Information Not for Diagnostic or Therapeutic use


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MK 677 Research Bottle
MK-677 (Ibutamoren Mesylate) 30mL 50mg/mL
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