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Fragment 176-191 Description

HGH fragment 176-191 is a fragment molecule of human growth hormone, which consists of 16 amino acid growth hormones (amino acids at positions 176-191 at the C-terminus of the human growth hormone). This peptide fragment stimulates lipolysis and suppresses the formation of new fat mass.

In its natural form, this peptide is created and comes from somatotropic cells that are located in the anterior pituitary gland. HGH fragment in its synthetic form are somatotropic cells, which are found in the anterior pituitary gland. These cells are also responsible for storing and releasing the hormone.

Frag 176-191, or human growth hormone (176-191) is one of the most promising peptides for the treatment of obesity according to Gary Wittert, a famous researcher. Lipolysis is the process of disintegrating fat metabolism into their constituent fatty acids under the influence of lipase enzyme. Within this simple hydrolytic process, fatty acids are exuded – the fuel for the body acting as an activator of ketone synthesis(intermediates involved in organic synthesis), for example during prolonged fasting. Lipolysis occurs in the mitochondria, where fatty acids are delivered via carnitine. The process of lipolysis is characterized by the cyclic conversion of fatty acid molecules with an elimination of two-carbon or one-carbon KoA derivatives.

The use of this preparation is not equally effective since it is explained by the fact that each person has its own natural limits of lipolysis, and if it is very low, even increasing the dosage does not lead to better results in fat burning. It is important to note that it is not necessary to worry about a catabolic process since the result of lipolysis (release of fatty acids) is a replenishment of energy reserves. In this case, not possible to catabolism.

Clinical Trials and HGH Fragment peptide (176-191) Results

Common benefits of Fragment 176-191 include:

  • fat burning (particularly in the abdomen area);
  • glucose level does not increase and does not affect the exchange of insulin;
  • enhanced mineralization;
  • energy metabolism acceleration;
  • lipid profile and lipolytic activity improvement;
  • a positive effect on the level of physical activity;
  • an anti-catabolic effect.


Both HGH FRAG 176-191 (hGH) and a lipolytic peptide fragment (AOD9604) synthesized from its C-terminus are capable of inducing weight loss and increasing lipolytic sensitivity following long-term treatment in mice. Fragment 176-191 and AOD9604 can reduce body weight and body fat in obese mice.

hGH and HGH fragment are capable of increasing the repressed levels of beta(3)-AR RNA in obese mice to levels comparable with those in lean mice. Fragment 176 191 was capable of increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation in the beta(3)-AR knock-out mice.

This short amino-acid chain that makes up Fragment 176 is only about 10% of the length of the entire strand of growth hormone and seems to have no other typical positive or adverse effects that growth hormone does such as actual growth of tissues or insulin resistance.

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For more information on Fragment 176-191 peptides please visit Pubmed.

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Lyophilized FRAG 176 191 is stable at room temperature for 90 days. However, it should be stored in a freezer below -8C for any extended period of time

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Fragment 176 191
HGH Fragment 176-191 5mg